I've always had a love for Christ. Even at an early age I just knew that nothing was going to get in the way of me showing my appreciation to the man who gave his life for me to live mines freely.

As I got older my mindset was now in a place to where I could make my own decisions and figure out where did God really want to place me and how. 

You have the gifts that are obvious, and then you have those that are hiding away behind other things that you are not too sure about.

This clothing line was one of those things for me. Never has the thought of creating my own shirt line come across my mind, neither has starting a ministry.

When I thought of Walking Devotions, I thought of the millennials and the generation that would keep the momentum going.

That edginess, the tasteful slang, commons things that you hear among today's generation. 

The ones who are trying to fight spiritual warfare alone everyday. The ones who don't know how to come to God in their own way just yet. The ones who are not afraid to put their love for Christ on display.

I took that hunger and that frustration and I used it to find messages that everyone could relate to. To give hope to someone who needs that push of encouragement. Believe it or not, that person is me. 

Launching an apparel line isn't the smoothest walk in the park let alone finding messages that would be clear and able to stick. 

Then again I had to sit back and just think of messages that would minister to me. If I feel like I'm not good enough, if my anointing is not respected amongst my peers, if I am constantly being taunted with temptation.

These are things that I fight with daily. Who can say that someone else is not fighting the same battles. 

My hope is to create apparel that people can wear who are not afraid to go beyond the shirt that they are wearing and minster that message to someone else in their own way. 

That is the example of a Walking Devotion. A person who can wear the shirt, look beyond the message, and spread the good news.